Access Equipment
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Elevated Work Platforms
Knuckle Boom Lifts – 16m (43ft), Mine Spec
Scissor Lift – All Terrain 11m (36ft), Mine Spec
Scissor Lift – 7.8m (25ft), Mine Spec
Cherry Pickers – Trailer Mount 12m, Mine Spec

Step, Extension ladders
Extension ladders 12ft and 22ft
Step ladder 7ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft (A frame)

Aluminium scaffolding
A Frame Scaffolding
Snappy Scaffolding Towers
7.2m Spandeck & Handrails

Roof Harness Kit

Air Compressors Back to Top

2 cfm Electric
12-15 cfm Electric
35 cfm Petrol
190 cfm Diesel, Mine Spec

Breakers to suit
Rock Breakers
Plate Compactor 200mm foot

Air Tools Back to Top

Bump Gun
Framing Gun 75mm
Fixout Gun 50mm
Rattle Gun
Staple Gun
Pneumatic Post Driver

Automotive Back to Top

Bearing Puller
Engine Hoists
Floor Jacks
Service Trolley
Car Ramps
Spray Painters
Oxy Welding Outfits
Mig Welders
Gasless Mig
Car Polisher

Brick and Paving Back to Top

Concrete Demolition Saws
Demolition Saw 14” (355mm) Petrol
Demolition Saw 16” (400mm) Petrol

Angle Grinders
5” (125mm)
9” (230mm)

Diamond Brick Saw – Bench
Plate Compactors – Small 60kg, Large 200kg
Diamond Saws
Cement Mixers
Aluminium Screeds, 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m & 3m

Carpet Back to Top

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners – small and large

Cleaning Back to Top

Water Blasters
Pressure Cleaner 1200 psi Electric
Pressure Cleaner 2200 psi Petrol
Pressure Cleaner 3600 psi Petrol

Rotary Kleen
Wet & Dry Vacuums 90 litre
Industrial Vacuums

Compaction Back to Top

Plate Compactors
60 kg small
200 kg large

190 cfm compressor and air plate compactor

Concrete Back to Top

Concrete Mixers
Concrete/Road Saw

Concrete Demolition Saws
Demolition Saw 14” (355mm) Petrol
Demolition Saw 16” (400mm) Petrol

Concrete Troweling machine
Concrete Vibrator with 6m extension
Concrete Porta Vibrators
Concrete Grinder/Mower
Concrete Core Drill with drills from 32mm – 200mm
Concrete Bull Floats 900mm, 1200mm
Concrete Screeds 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m
Concrete Finishing Tools
Concrete Formwork

Cooling and Heating Back to Top

Extraction Fan 600mm with flexiduct
Fan Mancoolers 600mm
Pedestal Fans
Patio Heaters
Table Heaters
Jetfire Space Heaters J33 small and J50 large

Earthmoving Back to Top

Skid Steer Loaders – (Bobcat & New Holland), Mine Spec
Mini Digger, Mine Spec
Dingo Mini Loaders, Mine Spec

Attachments Available
Posthole digger 100mm to 600mm with extension
Backfill Blade
4-in-1 Bucket
Adjustable Grader Blade
Tow Ball
Material Lifting Bar

Electric Tools Back to Top

Diamond Core Drill
Ramset Hammer Drills – all sizes
Angle Grinders 4”, 5”, 9”
Disc Sanders
Orbital Sanders
Belt Sanders
Tile Saws
Diamond Saws 4”, 9”, 14” bench
Reciprocal Saw (Sabre)
Circular Saws 5”, 9”
Jigsaws General and Restrictive
Adjustable Mitre Saw
Demolition Saws 14”, 16”
Metal Cut Off Saw
Biscuit Joiners
Electric Planers – Small and Large
Electric Screw Drivers
Auto Feed/Strip Feed Guns
Electric Nibblers
Electric Shears
Jackhammers, small, medium and large
Triton Work Centre
Dremel and Bits
Thicknesser – Timber Dresser

Entertaining Back to Top

See for full details


Table Cloths 6ft and 8ft Trestle
Table Cloths Round 6ft
Napkins – various colours and fabrics
Chair Covers – various colours and fabrics
Sashes and Bows - various colours and fabrics

Free Standing Hot/Cold water dispenser
30ltr Urn
Coffee Percolator 100 cup
Bain Marie – 6 pot
Microwave Oven
BBQ Plate/Toaster Commercial
Cool rooms
Table Heaters
Patio Heaters
Jet Fire Space Heaters
Pedestal Fans
Helium Gas
Juke Boxes
Karaoke – Touch Screen
Data Projector

Fastening – Nailing Back to Top

Finishing Nailer – cordless
Framing Nailer – cordless
Flooring/Decking nailer
Secret Nailing Gun
Frame Nailing Gun
Floor Nailing Gun
Stapling Gun
Powder Actuated Guns
Duo Fast Nail Guns
Screwdriver – cordless, strip feed

Floor Care Back to Top

Floor Sanders
Floor Edgers
Sandpaper various grades
Concrete Grinder/Mower
Floor Cramps
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners – wet/dry

Generators Back to Top

3 kva – Petrol
5 kva – Petrol, Mine Spec
7 kva – Petrol
10 kva – Petrol, Mine Spec

Hammers Back to Top

Cordless Hammer Drills, numerous sizes
Rotary Hammers – lightweight and heavy duty
Jackhammers, small and large
Hydraulic hammers with 190 cfm compressor
Sledge Hammer

Landscaping Back to Top

Rotary Hoes
Brush Cutter
Chainsaw – Electric
Chainsaw – Petrol
Crow Bars

Dingo Mini Diggers
Posthole digger 100mm to 600mm with extension
Backfill Blade
4-in-1 Bucket
Adjustable Grader Blade

Fertiliser Spreader
Hedge Trimmer
Lawn Corers/Aerators – Petrol
Lawn Corers/Aerators – Hand
Lawn Dethatchers
Lawn Mowers
Lawn Rollers – spiked and smooth
Lawn Edgers
Log Splitters 7 ton and 22 ton
Garden Blower/Vacuum
Pole Pruner with extended handle
Post hole Diggers – Dingo Mini Digger
Rotary Hoe – 5.5hp 17”
Rotary Hoe – small
Shovels, rakes, picks
Sledge Hammer
Star Picket Puller and Log Roller
Stump Grinder
Weed Sprayer
Whipper Snipper

Lifting Back to Top

Accro Props
Genie Hoist Heavy Material Lifts
Jacks Hydraulic and Mechanical
Chain Block and Tackle
Panel Lifts
Pallet Jacks
Engine Hoists

Lighting Back to Top

Lights Flashing
Lights Flood 500w with stand
Lights Flood 1000w on pole
Lights Fairy
Lights Black
Lights Coloured

Materials Handling Back to Top

Bobcat with forks
Fork lift with Dingo Mini Loaders
Gyprock Panel Lifter
Genie Material Lifters
Pallet Jacks
Stair/Fridge Trolleys
Wheel Barrows

Measure, Test and Safety Back to Top

Dumpy Levels
Laser Levels
Measuring Tape 5m, 8m, 30m & 100m
Test and Tag Service – Electrical Equipment

Traffic Control
Safety Signage
Safety Tape
Flashing Lights

Ear Protectors
Safety Gloves
Safety Goggles/Glasses
Safety Harness
Safety Masks
Safety Welders Helmet - Auto
Safety Vests
Static Line & Harness – (Roofers Kit)
Hard Hats
Respiratory Masks

Miscellaneous Back to Top

Electrical Leads 15m, 20m & 30m
G-Clamps 12” Pair
Gas Bottles
Rachet Tie Down Sets 10” & 20”
Sledge Hamer
Wire Strainers

Painting and Decorating Back to Top

Orbital Sanders – Electric and Hand
Wallpaper Steamers
Hi-Pressure Spray Guns
Airless Sprayers
Belt Sanders
Heat Guns
Hot Air Stripper

Plumbing Back to Top

Electrical Eels
Manual Pipe Benders
Rigid Pipe Threader – Electric, portable
Oxy Welders
Skid Steers – see Earthmoving

Various Air Compressors and Air Tools
See Air Compressors and Air Tools

Pumps Back to Top

Submersible Pumps – 38mm + hose
Flexible Shaft Pumps
Fire Fighter Pump with lay flat hose
Pump Hydroscan 18 psi
Pump Sludge + hose
Fuel Pump – hand high speed flow

Site Accommodation Back to Top


Crib Rooms Accessories include
Hot/Cold Water Urn
Pie Warmer

Ablutions Blocks
Site Shed/Office
Room Dividers
Tables, Chairs
Fencing, temporary

Tarpaulins Back to Top

3.6m x 5.4m
5.4m x 7.2m
7.2m x 10.8m
Tie ropes all round

Trailers Back to Top

6 x 4 Box Trailers
Tipper Trailers
Car Trailers
Double Bogey Trailers

Welders Back to Top

Light Weight Industrial
Oxy Welders
Arc Welders
Mig Welders
Gasless Mig Welders
Welders Helmet Auto Safety


Access Equipment
Air Compressors
Air Tools
Brick and Paving
Cooling and Heating
Electric tools
Fastening Nailing
Floor Care
Materials Handling
Measure, Test, Safety
Painting and Decorating
Site Accommodation

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